Why should you choose our nurse injectors?

Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections are by far the most commonly performed non-surgical cosmetic treatment across the globe. More common than laser hair removal, microderm abrasion and other IPL/laser treatments.

(Statistics via the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)


Why are they so popular?

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.15.24 AMWhen performed by highly trained injectors, these treatments can instantly lift your appearance, effectively reduce the visible signs of ageing, and correct imbalances in facial symmetry with minimal to no downtime.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.35.49 AMAnti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments carry significantly less risks than cosmetic surgery, and can be performed in stages to produce a more natural and affordable result.

juvederm-face-2A good injector aims to produce results that look completely natural. Injectables should never be obvious. Others should only notice that you look fresher, younger, less tired, happier and healthier.



Why should you be cautious when considering injectables?

As with any cosmetic procedure, you can certainly have a bad experience if you are not careful. You must be informed and know the facts. Always do your research when choosing your injector.

The right injector will perform your treatment with the highest level of safety. Provide you with ample time to ask questions and discuss your needs. They will respect your self-esteem, explain everything in detail and only perform treatments YOU understand and want.


There are 3 significant reasons why you should choose Gippsland Cosmetic Laser Clinic injectors.



  • Our nurses are extremely well trained and experienced, and affiliated with Australia's only accredited training institute.
  • We never rush our clients, and always provide lots of time for discussion, education and questions.
  • We maintain impeccable standards of hygiene, safety and technique.
  • We only use FDA and TGA approved products that are thoroughly researched, tested and proven to be safe.
  • Our nurses regularly attend courses, conferences and training, both in Australia and around the world, to ensure that we are always aware of the latest research, techniques and protocols.



  • The products we use are stringently tested and researched, ensuring you get the best results possible with minimal risk.
  • The products we use are of the highest quality, making them consistently last longer and perform better.
  • We provide long appointment times to avoid any risk of error from being rushed. YOU are involved in the process of determining the best outcome from start to finish.
  • Because our nurses are available Monday to Friday, we can gradually work towards the result you want without ever going too far. We always start with minimal product, and allow some time for the results to settle before deciding whether to do more. This provides you with a far more natural outcome.



  • Our nurses spend time educating you on the entire process - from products, risks, and what you can expect.
  • There is absolutely no pressure on you to have treatment, and you will never be pressured into doing more than you want.
  • Our nurses are available to you every day for flexibility, and to provide regular, easy access to advice.
  • We adhere to a 'less-is-more' policy when using cosmetic injectables, and will always strive to deliver you natural, subtle results.
  • It is our desire to make you feel great about yourself. Sometimes this means having no treatment at all. Whether you receive treatment or not, our nurses will help you feel great about yourself, and you'll be empowered with the knowledge to make an informed decision.


The choice is simple.


When you are treated by an injector with the right ethics, the right training and the right products, cosmetic injectable treatments can be a safe, comfortable and affordable means to reducing the visible signs of ageing and correcting, volumising and rejuvenating areas of concern.

For the very best experience you can have, speak with our injectable specialists at Gippsland Cosmetic Laser Clinic in Warragul & Traralgon.

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