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Vascular Lesions

(Cherry Angiomas, Vascular Birthmarks, Port-Wine Stains, Haemangiomas)

The term vascular lesions covers an array of irregularities that result from an over production of very small capillaries at, or on top of, the skin surface. They are caused by several factors, the main causes being genetics, age, UV exposure and some conditions such as rosacea. They can also be congenital.

Vascular lesions are treated very quickly and effectively with the Candela GentleMax Pro. The laser targets the haemoglobin within the vessels, heating it up and destroying the vessels. It is then re-absorbed by the body. Clients can expect complete clearance in 1 - 2 treatments.

Treatments are very comfortable thanks to Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device. This inbuilt device delivers a spray of super-cooled gas directly onto the skin as the laser fires ensuring comfort is maintained.

Post treatment, clients will experience only slightly tender skin in the area with a darkening or greying of some lesions, or an immediate constriction of the vessels and disappearance of the lesions.

Examples of vascular lesions.
Examples of vascular lesions.