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(Active Acne, Skin Irritation, Congestion, Blackheads)

Acne is a multifaceted condition relating to hormones, genetics, skin-care, and diet. Commonly seen on the face, chest, shoulders & back, it is especially prevalent in teenage populations. Both women and men can continue to have acne long after their pubescent hormones have abated. Regardless of the initial trigger, acne is caused by the blockage of a pore. This results in the buildup of sebum within the pore which becomes inflamed and infected, resulting in a pimple.

To manage acne effectively treatments also need to be multifaceted. Hormonal conditions such as PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) should be considered and ruled out. This requires medical testing. Diet and lifestyle should be assessed as well as skin-care regime. Sometimes simply changing to a quality cleanser can be the difference between reoccurring pimples and clear skin. Our specially selected Osmosis MD, Medik8 and ASAP skin-care range is ideal for acne-prone and congested skin. Once an appropriate skin-care regime and diet is in place, Carbon Peels or lPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments should be considered.

Carbon Peels are performed by applying carbon creme to the effected area. The carbon absorbs into the pores, and is then targeted by the laser (see video below). This unique treatment heats and shrinks the sebaceous glands, reduces pore-size, reduces oily skin, and kills acne causing bacteria. IPL works by destroying the bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) commonly found in infected pores (pimples) allowing the infection to abate and the area to heal. IPL is also able to shrink the sebaceous glands resulting in less sebum production and less likelihood of pores blocking.

Treatments are fast, effective and very affordable with minimal discomfort. Most clients will require at least 2 treatments, and may need ongoing treatments to prevent future breakouts. Treatments are usually spaced several weeks to a month apart. Clients can expect only mild redness, if any, and minimal discomfort after treatments. IPL is not suitable for very dark skin-types.