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Gippsland Cosmetic Laser Clinic is the only clinic in Victoria where you will always be treated by a highly trained Registered Nurse.

With no sales targets to meet, our nurses are guaranteed to deliver unbiased, ethical and professional service every time.

Our exceptional knowledge and care, along with premium devices and products ensure you will achieve the best results possible with the least intervention.

Treatments are too numerous to list individually and prices are often adjusted to suit individual circumstances. For pricing on specific treatments please call or visit us to discuss your individual needs with one of our caring nurses.

Below is a sample of popular treatments and prices:

Permanent Hair Reduction:
Upper Lip / Chin: $39
Underarms: $49 (Underarm Maintenance Price: $29)
Bikini Line: $59
Extended Bikini: $79
Brazilian (includes anus, perineum, inner buttocks and inner labia): $139 (Brazilian Maintenance Price: $79)
Male Shoulders (including across neck): $139

*Maintenance prices come into effect after completing 8 sessions at GCLC.

Skin Treatments:
IPL Acne Half Face: $69
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Full Face: $99
Skin Tightening Full Face or Neck: $199 - $249
Carbon Peel Full Face: $199
Nano-Fractional FirmFX Skin Rejuvenation / Scar Reduction / Wrinkle Reduction: from $199
Broken Capillaries: From $69
Sunspots and Pigmentation: From $49

Body Treatments:
Spider Veins: From $69
Cherry Angiomas: From $49
Seborrhoeic Keratoses: From $49
Skin Tightening Abdomen: $199 - $249
Stretch-marks: From $199

Tattoo Removal:
From: $89
Business card size: $199

Cosmetic Injectables:
Premium anti-wrinkle injections: $16.50 per unit
Premium dermal filler gel: From $599/mL

LED Therapy
We provide FREE sessions for all clients receiving skin treatments at GCLC.
Single standalone session: $59

Book a consultation today. Our attentive and experienced nurses are available to answer questions six days a week.

Cancellation Policy
To provide you with impeccable service and offer the greatest flexibility in booking, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for any cancellations. Please be aware that failure to notify us of a cancellation, or simply not arriving for a scheduled appointment, will incur a minimum fee of $39. Whilst this charge will not cover the cost of the lost clinical time, it will allow us to partly cover our overheads, which helps to prevent raising our prices unnecessarily. Cancellation of longer appointments may incur larger fees. In the case of a pre-paid booking, the treatment will be forfeited.