Frequently Asked Questions

The nurses at Gippsland Cosmetic Laser Clinic are always available - via email, phone or in person - to discuss any concerns or questions you have about laser, services, efficacy and what to expect during and after treatments.

Every person is unique, so in order to provide an accurate and thorough personalised assessment we recommend booking an initial consultation with one of our friendly nurses.

Some general frequently asked questions follow:

Why is Gippsland Cosmetic Laser Clinic the best choice for your cosmetic treatments?

Can anyone operate a laser?

Is laser dangerous? Can it cause cancer?

Will it affect my lymph-nodes, or other things beneath my skin?

Does it hurt?

Are all lasers the same?

What is the difference between IPL and Laser?

Who can have laser treatments?

Why can’t I have laser if I am pregnant?

Can all hair and skin types be treated?

Which area of the body can be treated with laser?

Why is laser the ultimate choice for hair removal?

How does laser stop hair from growing back?

How many treatments will I need for permanent hair reduction?

If laser destroys the follicle, why do I need more treatments?

What are the small bumps that form a short time after treatments?

Why do small red circles sometimes appear during, and for a short time after treatments?

Why is it OK to shave, but not OK to wax or pluck the area?

Can I stop my laser treatments and recommence them at a later date?

Why can’t I get a tan or spray tan before getting laser hair removal?

Why can’t I get rid of my white, grey, or blonde hair?

Why do some areas of the body require less maintenance than others when it comes to laser hair removal?